Asking for your help

Hi everyone. Spring is trying to push through here in Colorado and in many places where you live as well, and it hasn’t quite happened. We keep bouncing between sunny and 60 and 35 and snow.

Spring is also the time when the Federal government sets spending priorities for the fiscal year.

I’m asking you to please fill out this simple online form to ask your elected representatives to support increased research funding for metastatic research. (Any metastatic disease is not curable and needs more research!)

Click here to contact your representatives and ask for increased funding for metastatic research.

Enter your name, address and email and you will be taken to a template for each of your representatives. You will be asked for a “letter topic”. I selected “health care” from the drop down menu.

There is a message already written. You can use the template as is, or personalize it. Go ahead and tell them you know someone with metastatic breast cancer and that there needs to be more funding for research to find a cure! Make it as personal as you can.

Thank you in advance. Requests sent before April 30 will be most impactful.


The phlox are happy in the sun and don’t seem to mind the snow.


  1. James H. Burrough, Jr. says:

    Jim sent the letters as soon as he read your blog. Praying that it is effective.



  2. Nancy says:

    Done! I contacted all my reps.


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