This is my small space on the Internet where I can share with family, friends, and really anyone interested my crazy situation. I’m trying to figure out life as I now know it. On July 18, 2019 my world crumbled when I heard the words, “…it’s in your bones” meaning my breast cancer had not only returned, it had decided to explore my body and take up residence in my skeleton.

My goal here is to share and hopefully to educate. Living with metastatic breast cancer is not what you would think. Thankfully science has made great strides in treatment options.

There is no cure though. We need a cure.

This photo was taken days after my 50th birthday and just shy of 3 weeks before my diagnosis. Glen treated me to a bucket list item – Shakespeare in the Park on a gorgeous Colorado evening.

My views and opinions are my own and should not be construed or taken as medical advice.

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