Organizations to Support

Think before you Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While the intention is good, many companies and businesses hijack the “pink” of breast cancer for their own benefit and little of what they are promoting actually goes toward helping breast cancer organizations or individuals dealing with the disease.

Tips for supporting breast cancer any time of year.

  1. If someone at a business asks you to donate to support breast cancer, ask what the donations will support. If they can’t tell you, donate elsewhere.
  2. Research organizations you are interested in to ensure your donation is going to help the cause and not administrative costs. Charity Navigator is a good source of info.
  3. Look local. Give where you live. Find local organizations helping people right in your own community. Inquiring on social media or with clinics are good starting points.

Best Breast Cancer Orgs
Only org dedicated solely to MBC research

Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Largest private funder of breast cancer research with 40% going toward MBC

Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance
Promoting research and awareness of lobular breast cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer
Resources to help people impacted by breast cancer

Young Survival Coalition
Focused on young adults (<40) facing breast cancer