Woah, we’re half way there

Quick check in now that I’ve got 5 of 10 radiation treatments completed (with a music nod for a title to my fellow Gen-Xers).

Fortunately, things are going smoothly. The radiation staff are great. I’m literally in and out. I leave the house at 8:30 am and am back home by 9:15. (Watch me jinx myself for tomorrow!)

I don’t have any notable side effects (at this point). I’m slathering up with lotion and staying hydrated.

They do the same procedure every time so it does go a tiny bit quicker than the first time. On Wednesday I had a check in with the radiation oncologist which went fine.

Also on last Wednesday I had my monthly medical oncology appointment. That didn’t go as well. It was “fine” overall. My neutrophils were low (1.02) and normally they’d let me restart my Ibrance medication with that value but because of the radiation they are holding those meds for a month.

I get 3 shots each month. 2 were in my right hip and it seems like one has hit a nerve so I’m have some really unpleasant side effects with that.

On Friday I learned my tumor markers have almost doubled as well. Why? Could be many reasons. Not really sure.

So, it’s been an eventful few days.

On a fabulous note, I read a book on Saturday (Big Little Lies, recommend!) and Sunday watched both football games. It was a very relaxing weekend.

I’ve not been able to get outside for a good solid walk since late October. The weather is helping me to be less sad about that. It’s very Midwest-like with overcast skies, cold and occasional snow.

Soon the weather will break and I’ll be up and about. Darkest before the dawn!

Be well my friends.

View of the mountains from the cancer center parking lot this morning. You can barely make out some of the foothills. I’m ready for some sunshine!

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  1. ultimatesurvivorprime says:

    Thanks for the update…we were wondering how it was going. I know you will be glad to be done, even though it seems to be going very smoothly.

    The injection into the nerve sounds knarly, and the tumor marker going up is concerning, but as you said, could be a number of reasons.

    Hopefully signs of spring are forthcoming soon. Fortunately, you live where it is scenic all year round!

    Good luck with the rest of the radiation treatment, and thanks for being such an inspiration to us all.

    Love you,

    Mom S.


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