Holy Shit – My Pain was Legit

Happy 2023 everyone! I hope your holiday season has been exactly what you needed it to be. We stayed home and enjoyed each other’s company and brought home this little guy from the Humane Society to live with us.

Meet Toulouse – he’s 4 and the sweetest guy! He’s made himself right at home and we are all head over heels for him.

My hip stabilization procedure was December 12, just over 3 weeks ago. This morning I had a post-op appointment. Everything looks fine. I’m healing as expected.

It’s a bit frustrating to not heal faster. The surgeon commented that right now I’m in a period of time where the recovery slows a bit but our expectations do not. He thought that I was handling it better than most patients so that was nice. I’m trying to give myself a little grace, but it’s hard. I want to get out and move!

It was rather shocking to see the imaging taken just after the procedure.

The cancer is basically eating away the bone. For the surgery, they went in and filled in any cavernous areas of my hip with cement. They also added 2 screws that act like rebar in cement to hold it in place. The surgeon said they were surprised to see so much cavernous area and they put in a lot more cement than they were anticipating.

View of my right hip from behind. The dark area is cement. Within the cement two reinforcing screws are visible.

So, I told him that my pain was legit! He found that humorous and agreed that it was legit.

The image is of my right hip, looking from behind. The dark area is all cement. You can see the screws as well. Insane. It’s a bit sad too because it means that the medication was not really stopping the cancer from progressing. I’m hopeful that the combination of the new meds I started last summer and radiation I will be having next week will knock down any active cancer.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to get palliative radiation set up. They will plan everything out and then I’ll go in for 10 doses of ☢️, daily starting January 9. The actual radiation treatments should be quick.

So, the new year is bringing with it new treatments. Here’s to hoping they get everything stable. I’m also hopeful that 2023 will bring more advances in science that will provide more options for future treatment.



  1. Leysia Palen says:

    I think you have one of those rebar things in your foot, too? You are becoming more and more bionic!


    1. charlevo says:

      I do have hardware in both of my feet and I also have a pin and screws in my ankle. I’m going to think of myself as the bionic woman! 😂


  2. ultimatesurvivorprime says:

    Toulouse is adorable! Glad that procedure is behind you and you are recovering so well, even though it is not as fast as you would like. Best wishes and prayers for your upcoming treatments and thank you for keeping us informed. We are all hoping for more great medical advances in the near future.

    Quick note…I will be less communicative for the next few months simply because I am losing the ability to use my right arm/hand for much of anything. My surgery is currently set for the 31st, but it will be several months of recovery before I can likely use it very much. Then, on to the back surgery. Seems like there is no end, right?

    Kudos to you, kid for keeping up your spirits and that of those around you. You are an inspiration!

    Much love,

    Janice (& Charlie)


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