My Cranky Hip – November 12, 2022

I mentioned briefly that my hip has been bothering me, so much so that I purchased a cane to help me walk.

Woman holding up a black cane.
This is my “fancy” cane. Lovely fleur-de-lis in white on black. It’s collapsible and comes with a bag so I can fold it up and carry it in my handbag.

I can’t walk unassisted, basically. I don’t want to continue to live like this because my quality of life (QOL) is not great.

So, I went to see an orthopedic oncologist in Denver.

I learned that the cancer has compromised my pelvis right exactly where my femur touches it. So, it’s painful whenever there is pressure or force exerted on it.

Dr. Lerman is in Denver and developed a novel approach to helping stabilize the pelvis of people with cancer. Rather than do a full hip replacement, he and Dr. Brown developed a surgical approach that will relieve my pain, take only a couple of hours of surgery, and have minimal recovery time.

It looks like I could have the procedure done after the Thanksgiving holiday. I don’t have any more details at this point, other than to share a short video of Dr. Lerman talking about what they do for the surgery.

I’m very glad that this looks to be an option. At the same time, I’m reminded that while my mind wants to move forward with life and do all the things….my body is riddled with cancer that is dictating everything.

I’m grateful for the access to care that I have. It’s also a struggle mentally and physically.

Thank you all for your support and checking in on me. I post about cancer stuff on this instagram account: @nottodaymbc


  1. Leysia says:

    I am so glad this option is there. I am so sorry you are in pain.


  2. ultimatesurvivorprime says:

    Love the cane! Very snazzy! I have actually been looking at canes myself, as walking or standing for any length of time is getting problematic.

    Its great that there is a somewhat simple surgical solution to your hip pain. Sincerely hope it works for you. Living with chronic pain is often a struggle, I can attest to that. Hope you get relief soon.

    Love you and praying for you, Sweetie.

    Mom J


  3. Mary Morey says:

    Donna thank you for keeping us updated. I think of you all the time! I pray that this surgery will give you relief!


  4. Tisha Kurth says:

    You are an amazing woman my friend! Praying that this surgery finds you lasting relief.


  5. pksnyder says:

    Oh Donna. I’m so sorry.




  6. amydegrace says:

    Thinking of you and hoping this procedure gives you the relief you need. You are always on my mind…sending love and hugs!


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