3 years

3 years ago was the summer of 2019. Before COVID-19. Life was normal.

What were you doing that summer? What were your hopes and dreams? Did you plan to reach out to that old friend? Or get in better shape? Clean out that closet? Eat healthier? Maybe you wanted to travel somewhere on your bucket list, did you go?

What have you done in the past three years to make yourself happy? To make the lives of others better? To make the world a better place?

If you are like me, you have ideas in your head of things you want to do. Lots of things. Often, these are things for later, for when the kids are older, or out of the house. For when we are not so busy at work. For when we have more money. For tomorrow.

But life is funny. It has a way of moving forward with, or without us.

It’s easy for us to get into a routine. Routine is good – it gives us structure. It gives us a framework for our daily life.

Routine is also safe. It’s an easy excuse for why we don’t go out of our comfort zone, out on a limb, take a risk. Do something out of the ordinary.

Three years sounds like a long time. If you look back at that summer, it may not seem that long ago. (Yes, ok, COVID made time slow down, I admit that.)

Life slips away from us. Life is all the little moments aggregated together. If we are not careful, we get swept up in the everyday and forget to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

What if, in the summer of 2019, you were told you had a terminal illness and that the life expectancy was only a few years? Would you have spent the last 1095 days doing what you did?

It’s hard not to take each day for granted. It’s our responsibility to make the most of each day, make the world a better place, and leave this world better than when we entered it.

Don’t wait.

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  1. Leysia Palen says:

    Thank you for this, dear Donna.


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