Cancer and COVID – June 2, 2022

I don’t have much of a cancer update, sharing just to touch base.

Cancer-wise things have been pretty status quo since March with blood work and I’ve not had any weird new side effects or aches/pains. My tumor marker (CA 27-29) is still much higher than we’d like. The only way to know what is going on is to get scans.

I had scans the end of May. However, I also got COVID right after that. So, I got my scans but could not go for my appointment to get the results. I also could not go for my monthly lab visit and treatment.

I have things rescheduled for next week, when I’m hopefully feeling better.

Glen and I both got our second booster in mid-April, so I’m as current as you can be with vaccinations.

I know some people are pretty indifferent to getting COVID and they feel like it’s just something that we have to deal with and it is an inconvenience. That is largely true for the healthy population.

For those of us with life threatening health conditions, getting COVID impacts our ability to be treated, which can impact overall health and survival.

Each month I get a shot that puts me in menopause. This is important because it shuts down my ovaries and keeps them from producing estrogen. The breast cancer feeds on estrogen. I could not get the shot because of COVID.

I share this not for sympathy or pity or anything like that. I share because COVID is no joke and impacts many people in adverse and very serious ways. Please continue to take it seriously.

Get vaccinated. And boosted.

If you have any symptoms or have been exposed, wear a mask, it’s not the end of the world to cover up for a few days. 🙂

I’ll know more about any health changes later next week and will post an update then.


First line of treatment. Current medications: Ibrance, Anastrazole, Lupron and quarterly Zometa infusions.

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