February 15, 2022 – Update

Happy belated Valentine’s Day. I hope you were able to celebrate those in your life you care about and celebrate yourself!

My monthly update is pretty boring, which is how I like it.

I saw my medical team last week for a blood draw, check in and treatment (which is just a Lupron shot in the clinic). Overall things are “fine”.

My tumor marker number has been steady. 146 in December, 146 in January, 147 in February. Does this mean anything? Maybe. Possibly not. The marker (CA 27-29) is used to give information on the cancer throughout my body. This steady number is good in that it means that there is no reason to think that the cancer is actively growing and spreading.

Of course, we can’t know that for sure, that is where scans come in. I will have scans again in early March.

Sounds a bit like a movie on repeat. Yup, sure does.


First line of treatment. Current medications: Ibrance, Anastrazole, Lupron and quarterly Zometa infusions. CT and bone scans again in early March.

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  1. Leysia says:

    Boring news is the best news. ❤


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