Steady Betty Bones – October 25, 2021

It’s scan time again. Every three months I get two scans: bone scan to check what the cancer is doing in my bones (hopefully nothing), a CT scan to see if the soft tissue / internal organs are clear of cancer.

My bone scan this month was the same as June. So, the possible progression identified in June did not continue – if in fact that is what was happening. Confusing – yes…. I’m “stable” with regard to my bones.

I was supposed to have a CT scan the same day – I had to reschedule to later this week. I’ll get the results maybe Friday, probably next week.

The craziness of our corporate health care system was evident to me this month. (Ok, it’s usually evident, but this was a big example.)

The CT machine at the Cancer Center where I usually get my CT scan is not available. I asked if I could get my CT scan across the parking lot at the hospital where I get my bone scans. My Dr. office said yes. My insurance company said no. Well, they said yes but I’d have to pay for it.

It turns out that the EXACT SAME SCAN is covered by insurance if it is at an “independent facility” but not at a hospital. It is considered a hospital service and that is not covered. 🤦‍♀️

So, I had to identify a new location, call insurance to get it authorized and now I will need to drive to Denver to get the scan. I’m physically able to do this but geez, this is not the kind of run around you want to give someone who is just trying to get through the daily mental gymnastics of having a terminal disease.

I’ll probably post again after I get those results.

This has been an extraordinary month – it’s “Pink-tober” (breast cancer awareness month) which has been super hard this year, some family challenges, and my parents/dad are having health hiccups which precipitated a quick visit to WI. Overall, I’m actually grateful that I can navigate this with success. The silver lining is that my trip to the Midwest was originally to see a dear friend get some well earned recognition and she asked me to introduce her. What a privilege.

Until next week. Keep those fingers crossed the cancer is “behaving”.


…it’s been an amazing display of fall color here and I’ve been soaking it all in with as many outdoor walks as possible.

Sunrise from our front porch.
Beautiful fall weather – snuck in a walk while Maddy was shopping at the mall. I know – how amazing is it that I live in a place where this is available next to the mall?!?
Photo-worthy pond – also by the mall.

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